Friday, January 4, 2019


December flew by! We started December by welcoming a new sweet friend! We have loved having her in our room! Most days we continue to go down to the gym on our "walk" which means our siblings get lost of hugs and kisses (don't worry only the siblings are allowed to touch the babies).  It has been a lot of fun to watch as our older friends have started to play "with" each other and follow each other around the room.  Our classroom has become much more alive! Most of our friends are moving and those that aren't are enjoying watching their friends move around the room!

We love reading!

Sibling time in the gym is our favorite!

Even our younger friends are starting to play next to each other and interact with each other!

Lunch bunch!

 As we get older we get to explore with new art and sensory activities!


As the days got colder we spent much more time inside and had to get creative on ways to get out of our classroom! We have loved going downstairs on "walks" to the gym while the big kids play.  Our friends love watching the big kids run around the gym and the big kids love seeing the babies! After the big kids leave the gym our older infants that are crawling and walking sometimes get a chance to get down and explore the gym. We have loved watching our friends personalities blossom and grow!

We love the gym!

We explored with Christmas Lights! some of us were super excited about them and some of us took some time to warm up to them.  

Friday, October 12, 2018

New Activities!

As we've grown to learn about our new friends we've been able to do some fun new activities!

We've made some new sensory bottles with different colors, temperatures, weights, and sounds for the kids to explore.

As the weather got nicer we have really enjoyed getting outside on walks! Sometimes we even go outside and sing songs on the sidewalk or watch the big kids play on the playground!

One morning our older friends painted using their bodies! Some of our friends LOVED it and some of us were a bit unsure.

New Friends!

A new year means new friends! We started the new year off with learning new routines and how each our friends liked to spend the day! As we learned about our friends we started doing new activities! We really enjoyed going downstairs and watching the big kids play!

We have loved getting to know each of our knew friends!!