Friday, October 12, 2018

New Activities!

As we've grown to learn about our new friends we've been able to do some fun new activities!

We've made some new sensory bottles with different colors, temperatures, weights, and sounds for the kids to explore.

As the weather got nicer we have really enjoyed getting outside on walks! Sometimes we even go outside and sing songs on the sidewalk or watch the big kids play on the playground!

One morning our older friends painted using their bodies! Some of our friends LOVED it and some of us were a bit unsure.

New Friends!

A new year means new friends! We started the new year off with learning new routines and how each our friends liked to spend the day! As we learned about our friends we started doing new activities! We really enjoyed going downstairs and watching the big kids play!

We have loved getting to know each of our knew friends!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Oh What Fun!

We have had so much fun getting to know each of our little friends! Now that we've gotten into our routine we have been able to do different activities and learn even more about eachother! As we learn and grow together we are learning how to share, work together, and play alongside our friends!

Painting Pumpkins! Some of us loved it and some of us wern't so sure!

Some of our halloween outfits!

Exploring in the soft play room!

We love to read!

Our friends from across the hall come to play and sometimes we go to their room to play!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A New Year!

A beginning of a new year brings a lot of change and a new surrounding.  Our class this year has spent the last month getting to know their new room, new teachers, and new friends! We have loved getting to know each of our new friends and what they enjoy to do! While we have spent a lot of time getting to know each other we have also spent time painting, exploring different rooms in the building (the gym, the soft play room, and the sanctuary), creating footprint art, and many more activities! Below are a few pictures of the start of the year! We look forward to many new memories!

 Exploring with sensory bottles!

 Reading is more fun on top of the climber!

We love walks outside! 

 Reading with friends!

Tummy time fun!

Sometimes our friends from across the hall come to play!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Another Happy Birthday! We now have two one year olds! So much fun!

Activity mat time play time for these boys!

Exploring with finger paint

Bubble wrap painting is a fun and clean way to explore with paint and work on both fine motor and gross motor skills!

Some friends enjoyed crawling on the bubble wrap and some friends walked!

Learning to pull up!

We also love to go on walks down to the gym to watch the big kids run and play!

Bumbo buddies!